Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Grand Rounds

Doctor Workshop, Sunday April 11th

Apply what you learned during the Saturday lectures to real life cases in a smaller group setting, designed to foster discussion on interpreting multiple variables, and prioritizing them in a diagnostic algorithm to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan. Guided by internationally recognized dry eye expert Ophthalmologists.


Diagnostic Pearls

Doctor Workshop, Sunday April 11th

Learn practical slit lamp techniques from dry eye mentors that give you even more tools to aid in proper diagnosis of dry eye. Learn about slit lamp based imaging techniques including meibography. Guided by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists with extensive dry eye experience.

meibomian gland expression

Therapeutic Pearls

COPE # 67545-AS

Doctor Workshop, Sunday April 11th

Learn tips and tricks in a low student to mentor ratio on therapeutic treatments such as Ilux, as well as meibomian gland expressions. Discuss how a skin consultation is done, and how it influences treatment choices. Learn about each mentor's personal favorite expressor tool, and why!

Go Team

Dry Eye Product Challenge

Staff Workshop, Saturday, April 10th

Fast paced, interactive challenge aimed at encouraging critical thinking in product advocacy based on the type of Ocular Surface condition the patient is diagnosed with. 


Diagnostic Divas

Staff Workshop, Saturday, April 10th

Get your hands on point-of-care testing equipment and how to properly take the measurements. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how, what, and why they are doing what they do during their part of a dry eye evaluation. 

Long Lashes

Therapeutic Ninjas

Staff Workshop, Saturday, April 10th

This workshop is designed to empower the staff with knowledge on the correct home care methods (warm compress, lid massage, blinking exercises, etc.) so that they can counsel patients accordingly.  Some participants will have an opportunity to get a dry eye treatment (if they are brave enough!) as they are introduced to some therapeutic options.


More Information

How will it work?

You will have the opportunity to attend all the corresponding workshops (doctor or staff) in the schedule. Workshops will each be presented three times, in a rotating schedule, in smaller breakout rooms to allow for a lower student to mentor ratio. The details of your particular schedule will be provided in your name badge at the event.