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Dr. Laura Periman- Featured Speaker

Seattle, Washington

Vampires on the Vanity: Beauty ingredients that will suck the life out of your dry eye patients

Jumping to Light Speed: Exploring the Science of IPL for Dry Eye

The D.A.O. To Healthy, Beautiful Eyes: Exploring the Dermatologic, Aesthetic, and Ophthalmologic Aspects of Ocular Surface Disease

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul

Calgary, Alberta

Introduction to CSI App

Current and Future Trends in Dry Eye Management

How to Create a Successful Dry Eye Clinical Approach

Dr. Whitney Hauser

Dr. Whitney Hauser

Memphis, Tennesee

The Business of Dry Eye: How it can Increase your Income

Point of Care Testing: How to use these tools to improve dry eye care for patients

Dry Eye Mimickers: How to Diagnose and Manage


Dr. Pavin Avinashi

Vancouver, British Columbia

Radiofrequency (RF) Application in Meibomian Gland Disease: Indications, Risks, and Potential Complications

How to Efficiently Integrate a Dry Eye Exam into the Clinic


Dr. Vikram Lekhi

Calgary, Alberta

Natural and Alternative therapies for Dry Eye

Dry eye Screening for Pre-operative patients: The evidence


Dr. Nohad Teliani

Edmonton, Alberta

The Art of Artificial Tears

The Mighty Blepharitis: The Types, it's Impact on Dry Eyes, and Treatment Options

Give a WARM welcome to Thermotherapeutics

Dry Eye Point of Care Testing: What are they, and What do they Mean?


Dr. Pavan Avinashi

Vancouver, British Columbia

Be a Dry Eye Advocate- and Boost your Glasses and Contact Lens Sales

Are all Artificial Tears the Same? How to Talk about Products like a Pro.